It’s No Secret, It’s a Plan

PLENTY of speculation going around. Sometimes I learn things about myself that I don’t even know. Lately, it’s been me moving to America, moving to LET, to Europe, the Olympics in Paris, the LPGA Tour Q-School… But it’s neither a secret nor surprising, it has been a plan all along and there are lots of details that have to fit together. Just like my visit to Prague and the fashion show WE’RE NEXT, which was organized by my brother on September 10. So what’s really happening?

At the beginning of September, I will play at a tournament on the Epson Tour named the Wildhorse Ladies Classic in Oregon. It’s not my last one – my goal to play on the LPGA Tour remains unchanged and I still have the Tuscaloosa Classic in Alabama at the end of September, and most importantly the Epson Tour Championship in Daytona Beach, Florida. I love the golf course over there and it really suits me. My ranking after the tournaments will determine whether I will be taking part in the final phase of the LPGA Tour qualification, which begins at the end of November.

            My visit to Prague had two reasons: First, I wanted to personally support my brother’s WRN project for young fashion designers, and second, I wanted to take it easy before going to France and Ireland. I plan to play the LET Lacoste Ladies Open de France and the KPMG Women’s Irish Open. In October, if I get invitation, I should attend a tournament in New York and then in Saudi Arabia in November. I have to earn enough points to keep my LET card, and LET tournaments are sometimes even better scored than the Epson Tour ones. There is a lot at stake – the Olympic Games in Paris 2024, that I would hate to miss. After this year’s experience in Beroun and Berlin, I started to enjoy travelling between the American and European series and I like it.

            I like to support other Czech female golf players and I am excited about their recent successes. They have been doing great in Europe. I am even in touch with some of them. It’s a great thing for Czech golf and extra motivation for me. I had walked this path alone for many years and suddenly the girls started to join in. It’s always nice to have teammates from the same country in the starting field. I am almost certain now that there will be two of us among the top 60 at the Paris Olympics.

            And what about the move from Sarasota? I now live in Greenville, South Carolina, not far from Sean’s parents, so I almost feel like home in America thanks to them. Sean had stayed with me at the place all holiday, although I don’t really know who was more home here.  By the way, Greenville is a splendid town and it is closer to tournaments from here.

            I know that air travel has been complicated in Europe lately. Fortunately, nothing has changed in the US. Luggage does not get lost and perhaps the only thing that can surprise you are afternoon thunderstorms. Oh yeah, it’s the Carolinas with all the hurricanes. It’s better to fly in the morning and not risk missing a transfer due to a delayed flight.

            I heard that people have already started buying Christmas presents in Europe. I haven’t thought about that yet so I plan to go shopping at home in December in Prague, where I will be spending this year’s Christmas holidays. But I have already got the greatest present from Sean…

So that’s the plan until the end of the year. Get my LPGA Tour card, play a few tournaments in Europe to keep my LET card, collect enough points for the Olympics and enjoy Christmas in peace in Prague.

Sending greetings still from South Carolina, Klára.


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