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LATELY, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about Sean. Especially since he is with me in photos and at tournaments. Who is he, what is his name, how long has he lived in Prague, is he American or Italian, what does he do, how does he see me? And you know what?  Let him answer all these questions himself. Maybe I will learn something new about myself in the process. So I am giving the floor to Sean W. Davidson to tell you something about himself – and me. 😊

            I have been in Prague for over 16 years, exactly since March 2006, when I got here somewhat by accident. After finishing my studies, I went to discover Europe, and after spending six months in Germany, a friend recommended me to visit the Czech Republic. Now it has been over 15 years that I have been teaching at the Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague. Mainly legal English and writing, constitutional law, philosophy of law, human rights and sports law.

            I am an American, but I have two passports. I was born in America, but my mother is Italian-American and she has Italian parents. I can and do speak Italian, but I haven’t used it much lately. The last time was when I was doing a bit of acting and appeared in TV commercials and series, but that was a really long time ago. Or when me and Klára go to Italy for a few days every year.

            I had already played golf at the University of Davidson in North Carolina. Our Davidson College team – it’s just a coincidence of names – had been a regular in the NCAA Division I and we didn’t do bad at all. Also, there is another name associated with the school. He graduated in 2009, played basketball for the school and his name is Stephen Curry.

Back in the United States, I caddied about five times for my brother Matt, who was a PGA and Korn Ferry Tour player for over 13 years (played 147 tournaments, made the cut 90 times, finished 16 times in the top 10, three times in the top 3 and once at the split second place). As of 2018, he has been the head coach of the Paladins at his alma mater, Furman University, South Carolina.

            I have caddied for Klára about six times, including the Olympics in Tokyo. In the US, Klára has two permanent caddies, Will St. Onge and Michael Mikolajczak. It’s not a problem for me in Europe in the summer because we have school holidays and the semesters don’t start until the end of September.

            Being a caddy in a women’s tournament is a bit different. It may happen to you that you are the only man in a three-person women’s flight, but that is rather an exception, like this year in Beroun. My job is to take care of the pace of the game, dig bunkers, clean balls and do everything that the rules allow me to do. For everyone in the group, not just for my player, although she must always come first.

            When we’re together at a tournament, we work as a professional team and I’m sure it shows. It’s not just more time for us to be together. Back in the days when I caddied for my brother on the PGA Tour, I gained a huge respect for the job and learned how difficult and responsible it is.

            And how about Klára as a player? She’s no big hitter like the Korda sisters or Lexi Thompson, but she’s incredibly accurate. She has great approach shots and has been very consistent lately. Mentally, she is very strong and can handle pressure in a fantastic way. Not many things can throw her off balance. I also noticed that she likes to play in front of fans. As if they were giving her extra energy. She then really enjoys the tournament and smiles on all sides, and yet remains very professional. More so lately.

            A beautiful example was the last hole of the final round in Beroun. She knew right away that she had to call the rules official whether to risk a shot to the green over the water from 188 meters away and go for an eagle that would give her a chance at the playoff. I could only say: “Yes, 5 wood, I like that. Go for it!” That probably characterizes Klára, a professional who knows how to make the right decision at the right time.

So that was Sean. 😊 Yours Klára, at the last minute before leaving from Prague.


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