Three weeks off is no fun

When you hear on TV, “Part of the contract is also the fulfilment of partnership obligations…”, you may imagine them partying and signing autographs all day long, while nobody has saw you in the starting field for three weeks. Now you might say: three weeks? that’s plenty of time, you could stuff a week’s vacation in there. The opposite is true.

In fact, lately I have been getting this question more and more often: “Can professional life be combined with private life?” And you know what? It can’t be separated. My job is actually my lifestyle, in which I need order. When I fly to Prague, my schedule has been set long before. My short visits at home are pretty busy after moving to the US. For a while, we had to look for a system to make it all work and, in a way, a kind of ease to handle all the sponsorship, charity and media matters. Not to mention time for training and visiting doctors, mandatory examinations, tests and friends and family. Sometimes I would need to inflate the day to 48 hours. ☹

            Let me share with you my schedule for 19 days that I spend home. Here it comes:

Tuesday, April 26 – Arrival in Prague, the first homemade food after a long time (I was looking forward to it most).

Wednesday, April 27 – I’m up at four o’clock in the morning, probably jet lag (it doesn’t happen to me often), breakfast, departure to Čestlice for my darling Volvo V90 and a meeting with a business partner, another meeting in the afternoon about cooperation and then just a light training.

Thursday, April 28 – I was really looking forward to this day, it was pretty stuffed but also full of interesting things. In the morning, a gym visit to Sváťa Býma and then to a chat with super guys Martin and Patrik for the UKS podcast (U kulatého stolu). Quick transfer to the Scout Institute to meet women from the ALSA organization. We are already working together to support a charity tournament for next year. One more talk, this time for the Nový Prostor charity foundation. This is what I love most, and their request for an interview made me very happy. But the best came out in the evening. I went to the Bogner store to choose the right clothes for the evening, and then headed to Breitling Boutique of my partner Carollinum. It was most interesting and I have learned something new from the world of watches.

Friday, April 29 – I gave a blood sample at Dukla in the morning and then went to Italy with my boyfriend Sean for the planned three-day vacation. I had promised him that we would go there every year for at least three days. Florence was beautiful. Three days out of nineteen, he had me all to himself. This is simply how it goes in the world of professional sport. Just three days.

Monday, May 2 – The evening after the return, I had to deal with some paperwork and interviews that can be done remotely. So you can actually count a few hours less from those three days for Sean. My visits are not planned or counted for days, but for hours.

Tuesday, May 3 – A meeting with a Volvo partner in the morning to discuss all the news and the plan for the whole year. Then I went to practice, put nine holes on the course and train until the evening.

Wednesday, May 4 – A meeting in Munich. I meet the German sponsor Bogner to complete the collection. It might be surprising but my consumption of golf shirts for the whole season is quite high. 😊

Thursday, May 5 – In the morning I had a stress test at Dukla. It’s always something, I tell you, I’m never looking forward to it… Luckily, it’s only once a year. In the afternoon, a short training session with Sváťa, a nine-hole, a short training session and I’m off to Olomouc. For the 12th year of my charity tournament Dobrogolf.

Friday, May 6 – We played for little Stella who was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease. Every year we select someone to help a little. 80 players arrived in total and they were all so nice that I was deeply moved. I chose the eighth hole with an island green and so I could talk and play with everyone. For Stellinka, we collected one 100,000 Czech crowns for a barrier-free bathroom. A beautiful event in a beautiful resort among very positive people. If you do not know the golf course in Olomouc, you should give it a try.

            On Saturday, all our plans fell apart. I had to stay in bed until Monday and reschedule all appointments.

Tuesday, May 10 – Morning checkups at the doctor, shooting greetings for Carollinum over lunch and afternoon training on the course.

Wednesday, May 11 – Shooting for O2 for the LET tournament in Beroun in the morning and then shooting for Volvo in the afternoon. No training for me on that day.

Thursday, May 12 – Filming with Michal Hrdlička for his show Česká ulička in the morning and then quickly packing in the afternoon. Flying to Florida at six in the morning. And that was it.

            So would you change with me? I guess not. 😊 Now I can only look forward to seeing you again at the end of June at the tournament in Beroun. At home again in front of my fans.




With the Rozehnals. Without their organization and help, the entire tournament in Olomouc would not be possible.



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