Last minute hop on the LPGA

I DON’T KNOW where that information came from, but I didn’t completely lose my LPGA card for this year. I was only assigned to a lower category, which makes it harder for me to get into the starting field. This was also the case at the ShopRite LPGA Classic in Galloway, New Jersey. I didn’t know until the last moment if I would play there, but when I tried to register a few days before the tournament through the portal, I got on the starting field right away.

It wasn’t on invitation. 😊 Until the end of the season, I have a good chance to play in the second half of the year. But let’s wait and see how it turns out in the end. It’s not hundred percent yet. Anyway, I managed to get back for a while, and it was great. It is a huge motivation to return to the LPGA Tour permanently again.

I actually felt very comfortable in Galloway. It was my first tournament of the year on the tour so I was very nervous all week, but that’s just part of it – both of me and my game. So I tried to deal with it all week in the training and later on the course. I think I kept everything under control in the end and played pretty well. My boyfriend Sean even carried my bag this time, 😊 which was nice.

In short, I felt like I belonged there. Even better, it was actually the first time I’ve made the cut on this course (it was my fourth time playing here). This traditional 18-hole course is far from easy. The holes are quite narrow, the rough is juicy and high, the greens are small and very bumpy, and a strong wind is always blowing from the bay. The course has a beautiful name, Seeview, and certainly ranks among the more challenging – simply classic – courses on which the LPGA Tour is played.

I also get questions about rounds being cancelled or rescheduled due to storms. How it can disrupt the whole program or what it can do to the player’s psyche. The truth is it changes the plans quite a bit because then usually you don’t even have time to finish the round on the same day. This time it will be another long day, when we finish the first round and then start the next in just a few hours. Many times, this means you have to get up at four in the morning, and that makes everything physically and mentally more demanding throughout the day. A sleep deficit will always take a toll in the competition round.

What awaits me now? Beroun! Right after the ShopRite tournament, on the night from Sunday to Monday, I travelled to the EPSON Tour tournament in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I did two practice rounds and then played on the tournament from Thursday to Saturday. And then, to make it even more exhausting, I immediately jumped on a plane to Prague to get there as soon as possible to prepare for the LET tournament in Beroun.

I am really looking forward to the event. All tournaments played at home are special to me, and I am very happy that the promoter Luboš Koželuh is doing such a great job to make them happen. It is great for both Czech golf and local players. I would like to tell all the fans to come see us and support the event and enjoy the tournament with us.

If I had to choose one hole that fans should not miss, it would always be the 18th hole – it’s near the clubhouse and there’s always something interesting going on there. And then I would recommend the three-par six or the immediately following five-par seven and the nine; all three are not even far away. So if you are not coming to follow one player in particular, I would recommend these holes around the clubhouse where you can watch everyone play. But then again all the holes on the Beroun’s 18-hole are interesting, even though the drama usually starts on the second nine.

If you have the time, come and see us and possibly bring along those who don’t play golf yet. You can learn a lot, and non-players can at least get a grasp of the game. Most of the time we play straight ahead, and for the spectators, women’s golf could be more enjoyable. We don’t send the balls as far as men, so it’s a little bit different golf, but the quality of the long shots and the short game is just as good. So you can transfer a lot of things from our game to yours. Such as a slower, but all the more effective swing. 😊

My personal tip in case you go to Beroun to play? Stay on the fairway. I remember well that there is always a relatively high and dense rough that doesn’t really help in your shots to the green. Short game is what you will need here the most. Every extra chip and putt is challenging here and adds strokes to your scorecard.

Still from the plane on the way to Michigan, yours Klára.


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