Klára Spilková’s Comment on the Postponement of 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

Some things you cannot change. 

The postponement was rather expected given the latest development. I was hoping to the last moment that the situation would improve, but now there is nothing I can do about it. Priorities lie somewhere else now. I support the call since there was no other choice. For us golfers, it is a bit less of a problem than for other athletes. The Olympics are the top sports event, however we are still left with plenty of great tournaments to play. Still, the Olympic Games are a very special event where I can represent my country, not just myself. I had the privilege to partake in the 2016 Olympics when golf returned to the games. The more I will be motivated to prepare myself and qualify for the 2021 Olympic tournament. Most of all, I wish us all great health. It is now crucial that we return to normal life, which also includes the Olympic Games. I believe this will be even greater celebration of sport and life than ever before since the world will no longer be the same.”

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