Klára Spilková Getting Ready for Hawaii

The Czech golfer will start the LPGA 2021 season in Hawaii. From 14 to 17 April, the 26-year-old professional will play in the Lotte Championship at the Kapolei Golf Club, Oahu. Two years ago, she ended tying for the 32th place with the overall result three-under-par. The last year’s event was cancelled due to the pandemic.

Klára Spilková could not start in the previous competitions due to her current status. All of the previously absenting players have returned to the LPGA and the tournaments are now fully booked. “It has been some time since I had not had a clear schedule for the season, which I used to like, but now I feel like I have more freedom in decision-making and I also feel more motivated,” commented the Czech player from Florida, her long-time training base.


She fought for a seat in two LPGA tournaments played in Florida in the Monday qualifications, unfortunately, despite solid performance, she missed the two spots available in the main competition in both instances.


 “You have to have a great day. It’s either-or. But you need to stay on top of things,“ Klára described her play on the 18-hole course. Her plans for the third qualification, ahead of the KIA Classic in California, were thwarted by the late-delivered PCR test result. “All players except me received their results already in the evening, so I tried everything I could from 4 a.m. But the results came only twenty minutes after I had tee time, which unfortunately came too early,” explains Klára.


In the meantime, she played in two minitours on Florida and also took part in two Symetra Tour events. “It didn’t work out in the first one in Arizona, but I played better in the other one in California, where I passed the cut,” Klára commented on her final 52th place and another new experience. “It was my fourth global tour after the LET, LETAS, and LPGA. The starting lists on the Symetra Tour are of very high quality as are the courses.”


After Hawaii, Klára Spilková will return to the Czech Republic at the end of April, where she will have sponsorship duties before flying back to the US for the LPGA Pure Silk Championship in Virginia (from May 20). “That’s all I know about my next schedule at this point,” says Klára. “I take the situation as it is, and I’m grateful for every chance to play, be it on the LPGA or Symetra Tour.”


The Czech golfer has changed the type of irons before the season, and she also has a new driver and is testing new woods. She was impressed by a fitting she received at the Titleist Performance Center in Carlsbad, California, which helped her a lot. In February, her coach Greg Lavoie flew to Florida to see her. In Hawaii, as on her second start on the Symetra Tour, she will be accompanied by caddy Michael Mikolajczak, who also has experience from the LPGA.

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