One of the things no one tells you in advance is that as a professional you will have to become a master in travel packing. Sometimes you need to pack for a trip that can last for two weeks or even two months. Packing simply belongs to our profession just like game technique or golf club selection. And it’s not just packing of golf equipment – it is everything you will need on your trip. So we must bring this “art” to absolute perfection. We cannot use a typical holiday luggage, or even a handbag: the suit carries the most precious of things – our clubs. It is about protecting and stuffing everything in so the clubs stay safe and we can still cram in something extra. Another challenge is to keep it under control and within the weight limit. 😊

Let’s see how I do it. I pack my clubs in the travel bag so that the shafts and heads are stuffed with towels. This mainly protects the driver, which is usually the longest – and many times the most valuable and fragile – club in the bag. Probably the last thing I want to deal with after arrival is to complain about a broken shaft or a damaged head at the airport. Some golfers take heads off the shaft, then wrap them in a towel and put them in a suitcase along with clothes, but I don’t do that.

            Over time, I learned to pack everything horizontally since it’s more comfortable for me. I simply place the travel bag on the floor, put a bag with clubs inside of it and then fill all the gaps with shoes, exercise equipment and other stuff. I usually start from the bottom up and each time I pull the zipper up a little more.

            I always try to pack both bags all the way up to the weight limit. It is always better to return home with a few unused gloves or balls than to have not enough. This way you will always have some spare room left for a few souvenirs that you may want to buy in the new place. 😊

            When it comes to packing, after all those years I already know exactly how to pack quickly and efficiently. You just need to have a system and stick to it. The weather can also change, so your clothes should be “universal”. You should pack several options, layers and colours, that you can then combine. These are usually layers against the sun, rain, wind and winter – even a sweater, beanie and gloves if you expect morning temperatures around zero and you know you will play in those clothes in the morning groups.

            In tournaments, it often happens that we are required to wear a certain colour in a given round, such as on St. Patrick’s Day.   Sometimes, you have to wash your clothes too. I go to LaundryMat, that you probably know that from American movies.

            But wherever I travel, I try to have my hand luggage on board as light as possible. I only have a few of the most important things in it so that I don’t have to carry it around the airport unnecessarily. No, I’m kidding – I put mobile phones, books, MacBook, chargers, notepad and water bottle (can be refilled anywhere at US airports) in it due to the weight limit.

            You probably do it yourself, and we golfers are no different.😊





2 pairs of golf shoes
1 pair of workout shoes
2 wind/rain jackets
4 sweatshirts
2 skirts
2 shorts
10 t-shirts
2 thermal shirts
2 pants
12 pairs of socks
1 belt
4 hats
1 beanie
4 casual t-shirts
2 jeans and comfortable airplane pants
2 workout clothes
14 Titleist clubs, sometimes 16 – depends on how many wedges or hybrids I carry
24 Titleist Pro V1 balls
1 umbrella
2 sunglasses
6 gloves
1 pair of rain gloves
1 scorecard cover
4 boxes of my favourite cookies
1 sunscreen
2 Pro-Am, golf and formal wear
Ÿ countless ball markers
1 divot tool
1 bag of tees
1 cutlery and straw, because in the US they give you a lot of food to take with you but you rarely eat with normal cutlery. That’s why I take my own. I care about our amazing planet, and any, even small, reduction in plastic waste can definitely help.

Ÿ training aids (targets, video holder, putting lines)

Ÿ exercise equipment (rubbers, skipping rope, roller, trigger point ball, exercise mat)

Ÿ toiletries, washing powder

Ÿ medicines, first aid kit, massage emulsions, food supplements, vitamins

Ÿ talismans – shamanic cards, oils, candles, books, natural antibacterial spray


The article was published in GOLF DIGEST C&S magazine on Thursday 21. March 2022

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